New to Cap City Social Events or never attended an Event in Coldwater?

You can pre-register here.  Couples, both of you will need to fill out the form.


Next Party - September 21st - Pin-Up Theme

Registration begins at 6:30 pm, closes at 11pm.
This is a BYOB hotel takeover...
Party begins at 8pm with a short introduction of the team at 9pm for about 5 to 8 minutes
and Then goes all night long NON stop until 2 am. ( unless dance floor slows down, then 1am )
The Original and the BEST Fantasy Suite around, opens at 8pm and is closed at 3 am

Some of the amenities include:
Visa and Master card accepted ( $3.00 surcharge )
We provide the mixers and cups.
Private security patrolled private room with many individual stations with music and video.
Large video screen above the DJ to view the awesomeness.
Wild DJ Jeff playing the latest and best music there has to offer.
Clean restrooms.
Full security staff.
Lockers with padlocks provided.

Large dance floor with an awesome lighted truss system.

Lighted dance pole and lighted dance cage.
Oh did we's BYOB?

 Yes that's right a hotel take over and BYOB. It just don't get any better than that.

Single males MUST be accompanied and sponsored by a couple and MUST remain with that couple at ALL times ( no exceptions )

There are only 94 rooms so make sure you get signed up early and get in on all the fun and action.

If you're still nervous or concerned after you've filled out the registration, Take a tour and
you can make your decision if this is for you or not. ( Don't be nervous. It's just a "damn" good time )

There is " Saved in a Flash photography" onsite for your memories to come to life again another day.
So make sure you say Hi and visit Jake and Amanda

We Cant wait to see everyone again

Upcoming Parties


October 26th ( Halloween theme )

November 23rd ( Superhero's Theme )

December 28th ( Black & White Theme )

January 25th ( Glow Theme )

February 22nd ( Mardi Gras theme )

March 21st ( St. Patty's day theme )

April 18th ( TBD )

Event Fee

  $50 for couples

 $25 for single women

$50 for single men (MUST be sponsored by a couple and remain with them during the entire event.)